A message from our Director Niall Cooper

Niall Cooper

After 20 years as Director of Church Action on Poverty, I’ve done something new. I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is, and make a regular donation. Will you join me?


All people are of equal value in the sight of God; all people are made in the image and likeness of God. Church Action on Poverty works for a society in which all people are treated with decency and the same level of respect, whetherthe chief executive, the office cleaner or the homeless person sleeping in the office doorway.


In the UK, ‘the poor’ have been viewed as a social problem to be solved by the ‘non-poor.’ The battle to solve poverty is waged between politicians, think tanks and lobbyists – but people in poverty are never in the room. Poverty can only truly be tackled with the active involvement of people in poverty.

The power of ordinary people to make change for good

As we enter 2017, it’s easy to be despondent. But at Church Action on Poverty we believe in the power of ordinary people to make change for good. Through campaigns and by working with local churches, food banks and others, we can be a powerful movement for change. And we give a voice to the true experts on poverty - people who live with it on a daily basis.

Uphold the values of dignity, truth and the power of ordinary people to make change for good!
Join me in committing to make a regular donation. £10, £5 or even £2 a month can make a real difference.


Your donation will be set up securely and taken by direct debit. If you would prefer to pay by standing order, you can download and print our donations form, or call us on 0161 872 9294.

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